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Brand new lifestyle apartments
$500,000 market value and 100% Mortgage free
The only auction where you can get a brand new $500,000 property for 1.7%* of its market value.


* example only, each auction will be slightly different, but you will still save around 99%!

Get a New Home

With Brand New Furniture

12 Months of Bills Paid

(That you get to choose)

ResiBids is an Australian invention. Our small team has taken the popular Penny Auction model and completely re-invented it for real estate. This world first, unique patent-pending system enables anyone to acquire property for fraction of its market value. Sellers do not bear a loss and get full price for their properties. Plus ResiBids covers all the transfer taxes & settlement costs.

The ResiBids Project Is Nearly Ready For Launch

ResiBids is very excited to offer customers an opportunity to get hold of a property for a very small cash outlay; typically 99% off market value. For the first time ever, we are enabling everyday Aussies or those who want to be, to get a home of their own at a fraction of its normal market value. We expect the winner of this auction to pick up this property for less than $10,000. How cool is that?!

Finally, there's a new way to buy your dream home. You can move in without a  mortgage, debt free.

You would get this brand new home, plus a lot MORE...